Fohlenhof Ebbs Tyrol
The Haflinger Breed

The Haflinger Horse was originally from the town of Hafling in  the South Tyrol Mountains . The Haflinger Breed originated in 1874 with the birth of the stallion Folie who was sired by an Arabian stallion and a mare from a Tyrolean indigenous mountain breed. All subsequent Haflinger stallions and mares can be traced back to that mating. The Haflinger Horse was a workhorse used mainly in the high mountains as a helper for the farmer. It is this close association with man that Haflinger horses really excel. At high altitudes in the European Alps, the Haflinger horse was used for pack and draught work in the fields and forests as well as recreational work.

The Haflingers were especially useful in the mountains because of their sure footedness. They are also known for their calmness and friendliness with children.

The first studbook was established in Tyrol in I921. The breeding of Haflingers has since then been consistently monitored and records kept in the studbook. This forward-looking breeding work and constant recording of the Haflingers has contributed to the success of Haflingers for more than 20 generations.

After the Second World War the Austrian government established the Haflinger Breeders Association of Tyrol. From then on the breed has become one of the most strictly examined and highly selective in the world. The Haflinger must pass extremely rigorous inspections before they receive the Edelweiss brand of approval. Inspections take into account the horses conformation, soundness, size, movement, temperament, colour and fertility. Horses with undesirable characteristics are not passed. This has produced a breed that is guaranteed to be good-natured, sound, fertile and hardy.
The Australian Haflinger Breeders Association has upheld these same standards, which ensure Haflinger Horses, bred in Australia are in accordance to the Rules and Regulations of the Haflinger World Breeding and Sports Federation.

Fohlenhof Ebbs Tyrol